GForce Arms 410ga 24" Lever Nickel 24" GLVR410NKL

TK Price: $679.95

Product Overview

The new affordable lever action shotgun from GForce Arms is here. Heritage, nostalgia, and tradition were the driving factors behind the development of the GForce Arms GFLVR410. This firearm is gauged for .410GA ammunition. Lightweight and quick pointing, the GForce Arms lever action is perfectly suited for a first time shooter or your next range toy. Equipped with a tube magazine able to accept .410GA shotshells. Chambered in a 2 ½ inch barrel, offered in both 20 inch and 24 inch variants with a fixed Modified choke. This ensures maximum effectiveness from the .410 in a variety of situations. Adjustable open rear sight accompanied by a high viz front post makes for quick target acquisition and precise shooting. Setting itself apart from the crowd, the GForce Arms GFLVR410 is available in multiple finish options. Topped off with Turkish walnut stock and handguard, this lever action is a beautiful blend of classic and modern finishes. Smooth cycling, light recoiling, and fast handling the GForce Arms GFLVR410 is perfect for introducing first time shooters to the sport or putting a smile on your face on your next range day.